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We reserve the right to modify the 'Employee Terms & Conditions' at any time without giving any prior notice. Your use of the Site following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the 'Employee Terms & Conditions' as modified. Any additional terms & conditions, disclaimers, privacy policies and other policies applicable to general and specific areas of or to particular content are also considered as 'Terms of Use'. THIS AGREEMENT is made on this date /month/ year BETWEEN M/s JLODA having its registered office at Sky line City, Chandra Layout, Bangalore 560040, Karnataka, India, proprietorship concern represented by Jloda CEO & Founder ( hereinafter referred to as the proprietorship concern which expression shall unless the context requires otherwise include its successors) of the ONE PART and Employee Name ( hereinafter referred to as the Employee ) of the OTHER PART. WHEREAS the PROPRIETORSHIP is carrying on business as a free local service provider moreover 1612 cities in India. By which any one can list their business, get their own webpage, own control panel to maintain inventory, give local home delivery etc and get everything tracked by SMS daily (FREE) and the above service /product business is carried by the proprietorship concern and started to sell its service/product in the domestic market. AND WHEREAS the Employee got the working knowledge and also acquired the knowledge in the similar field and is capable of rendering e-commerce service by way of sale. AND WHEREAS the Employee has approached the Proprietorship concern M/s JLODA for placement to sell the products/services carrying by M/s JLODA proprietorship concern. AND Whereas the proprietorship concern and the employee had discussions and negotiations relating to the sale of the M/s JLODA proprietorship concern products by the employee within the territories of India. And Whereas the parties herein have mutually agreed to terms and conditions in regard to the M/s JLODA proprietorship products/services NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESSETH and the parties hereby agree as follows:-
  • The proprietorship concern hereby appoints the Employee as the employee of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship in the State of State Name for the sale of the proprietorship concern products/services for a term of 3 (three) months from date /month/ year on terms and conditions mentioned hereinafter.
  • The employee shall:
  • The designation of the employee is “Area Sales Manager and Advisor” , shall be consider through out India.
  • The employee shall get a salary of 25,000/- per month subject to the target fixed by the M/s JLODA Proprietorship further if their employee brings more subscription than fixed target, he will get the commission above the salary.
  • a. The employee’s salary will not be released if he fails to reach the target.
    b. The employer will fix the target and the employee shall be get the minimum 40 Computerize Business per month and out of the 40 listing the employee shall make minimum 35 subscription per month and this condition also applies to get the minimum fixed salary per month.If the employee failed to get this target than salary will not be released for that month.
  • This agreement will be for three months from the date of execution of this agreement. The employee shall not leave for 3 (three) months from the date of joining this M/s JLODA Proprietorship and incase the employee wants to continue the above said job he/she shall execute separate new agreement or continue the job by taking employer’s permission .
  • If the employee wants to leave the job he shall give 15 Days prior notice before the expire of the said 3 (three) months or after.
  • The employee shall at the time of joining employment he has to deposit his matriculation original certificate for 3 (three) months with the employer and this certificate will not be given back to the employee after said 3 (three) months.
  • The employee shall pay Rs. 3000/- to the M/s JLODA Proprietorship the mode of payment is online and with this condition of payment the employee will get M/s JLODA Proprietorship’scompany shirt, company cap, pen, company register, employee visiting card & employee ID card.At the time of leaving the company the employee shall return these items.
  • It is the duty of the employee:
  • a. Use his best endeavours to promote and expand the sale of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship and its Product/services in State of State Name as per the area allotted to the employee ( herein after called as territories) to all potential subscriber thereof and work diligently to obtain orders therefore.
    b. Act loyally and faithfully and obey the orders and instructions of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship and if in any case it is not possible to obtain instruction in particular matter to act in such a manner as the employee reasonably consider to be most beneficial to the interests of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship.
    c. Refrain for engaging or being interested directly or indirectly as the principal, agent, partner, director, or employee in the production, sale or advertisement of goods/services of any description or kind or similar to or competitive with the products/services of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship without the prior written consent of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship.
    d. Take orders for sale of goods/services only subject to confirmation and acceptance by the M/s JLODA Proprietorship and on the usual terms and conditions.
    e. Not make any representation in selling the products/services nor to give any warranties or concessions other than those conditioned in the M/s JLODA Proprietorship conditions sale.
    f. Keep proper register of all the enquiries and data of all the customers in detail.
    g. The employee shall make market-survey and proper enquiries as to the financial stability of the intending customer and furnish reports to the M/s JLODA Proprietorship. The employee shall attend and promote the sale of the products/services at all trade shows, Sale Exhibitions after properly apprising the M/s JLODA Proprietorship the particular thereof.
    h. The employee shall not assign, transfer or change his rights under these presents and all correspondence and commercial documents in relation to the products shall describe himself as the Selling agent for the M/s JLODA Proprietorship products.
    i. The employee shall defray all expenses of and incidental to the Agency shall not make directly or indirectly any profit or take any benefit in the sale of the products/services and shall not divulge any information in relation to the M/s JLODA Proprietorship trade secrets or Know-how or marketing technique or any method of manufacturing, selling or dealing in its products/services.
    j. The employee agrees and covenants’ that the employee shall not act as Selling Agent for any other Company other than M/s JLODA Proprietorship of the similar to the M/s JLODA Proprietorship products/services for within India.
  • The M/s JLODA Proprietorship shall at its own expenses supply to the Agent samples, patterns, catalogues, operating manuals, repair manuals, and advertising material’s as to the employee considers reasonably sufficient with a view to enable the employee to conveniently render after sales-services to the purchasers of the products/services in the said territories.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein the M/s JLODA Proprietorship reserves to itself its right.
  • To decline at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons thereof any order to submit any quotation or tender on any enquiry transmitted to the M/s JLODA Proprietorship by the employee.
  • To sell and supply the M/s JLODA Proprietorship products/services direct to customers in the said territories.
  • To transfer and assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any other concern after giving 7 day’s notice to the employee.
  • It is agreed that if in the reasonable opinion of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship the employee is not producing adequate sales coverage in or through the said territories the M/s JLODA Proprietorship may exclude a portions of the territories or otherwise vary the extent of the territories on prior notice to the employee.
  • The M/s JLODA Proprietorship shall reimburse every month actual expenses of internet not exceeding Rs. 600/- to 1000/- per month for promoting sales of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship products.
  • In addition to any other rights herein or under the law the M/s JLODA Proprietorship shall have the right at any time to give notice in writing to the employee terminating the Agreement forthwith if the employee commits a breach of any of the terms herein or it does any act of insolvency or the employee is prevented from performing his duties hereunder for 3 months for any reason whatsoever or the employee is guilty of any conduct prejudicial to the interests of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship or the employee purports to assign the burden or benefit or change the benefit of this Agreement.
  • After termination of this Agreement the employee shall at his own expenses promptly return to the company all samples, patterns, catalogues, advertising materials, specifications and other materials, documents and paper relating to the business of the M/s JLODA Proprietorship which the employee might have in his possession or under his control.
  • The waiver by the M/s JLODA Proprietorship of any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not prevent the subsequent of that term and shall not be deemed to waiver of any subsequent breach.
  • There are no other promises, terms and conditions other than those contained in these presents.
  • This Agreement shall be renewable after the expiry of 3 (three) months by employee on the terms and conditions which might be mutually agreed upon to continue the job by permission of employer .
  • IN WITNESS WHEREFORE the parties have executed these presents on the date /month/ year first above-written.

    Agreement made by Company Advocate:

    Y.Hariprasad ( B.A ,L.L.B. )
    Member of Indian Council of Arbitration & Central Govt. Advocate.
    #100, 1st Floor,
    14th Cross,Kilari Road,
    Bangalore - 560053,
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